What gives you hope in the future of mankind?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I created this video for SoulPancake.com last September. I was pretty proud of it since I thought it turned out pretty well for my first try and all.

There was one thing that was brought up on Soul Pancake in regards to this video that I hadn't really thought of until someone brought it up..."Why do we so often put the pressure on the children to be the hope for the future?". A few people felt that was a cop-out and a way of not taking responsibility ourselves to be the hope for our children. We are in charge now and we should be building a better world for them, right? Why pass the buck to a later generation?

As far as what gives me hope - all the good and beautiful things I see in others. Whenever I see God in other people, that gives me hope.

What do you think? What gives you hope in the future of mankind?


Anonymous said...

OMG I couldn't have said it better myself. It is MY job as a parent to create something for my children and now grand-child! It is necessary to leave things better than you found it so that it gets better and better. What gives me the impeatous to try to leave it better and great hope for future generations is their awareness, their open-mindedness, all the possibilities that they have. But I am in no way done creating a better tomorrow today. I want my children to be able to say that they didn't inherit my mess!!!

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