What gives you hope in the future of mankind?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I created this video for SoulPancake.com last September. I was pretty proud of it since I thought it turned out pretty well for my first try and all.

There was one thing that was brought up on Soul Pancake in regards to this video that I hadn't really thought of until someone brought it up..."Why do we so often put the pressure on the children to be the hope for the future?". A few people felt that was a cop-out and a way of not taking responsibility ourselves to be the hope for our children. We are in charge now and we should be building a better world for them, right? Why pass the buck to a later generation?

As far as what gives me hope - all the good and beautiful things I see in others. Whenever I see God in other people, that gives me hope.

What do you think? What gives you hope in the future of mankind?
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